Environmental work

We are approved by the Swedish Environmental Management of meeting the requirements of national environmental management standards.
We are actively facing environmental issues to protect our environment.

Pronova Interior AB is consistently evaluating the environmental impact of what we do and planning to act for a better environment.

We shall, therefore:

  1. Increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues among all employees.
  2. Influence, make requirements, and collaborate with other companies, suppliers, authorities, and organizations.
  3. See environmental improvement measures as investments.
  4. Prevent pollution in air, soil, and water by considering the environmental impact of what we do.
  5. Constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company.

Via our sister companies, we attend the factories every single day to ensure our customers that all our environmental requirements are met.

We refuse suppliers that do not fulfill our environmental requirements. We check:

  • Working environment
  • Employment contracts
  • Personnel policy
  • Measures dust particles in the air
  • Noise level control
  • Materials have the right certificate
  • Emissions
  • Management of environmentally hazardous waste
  • Factory’s approval of fire authorities
  • Factory’s electricity inspection