Specialinredning för offentlig miljö

We are a full service provider.
Find out more information about our different business areas below.

At Pronova we offer complete solutions and we understand that each business area is unique and requires its own cutting-edge expertise, this is why we continuously develop leaders in each business area.

All business areas work together under the same roof, which provides a unique physical proximity between the different areas.

Proximity creates the conditions for a controlled and cost-effective complete solution, which is beneficial to our customers.

Project management

With great dedication and care we offer project management such as:

• Budgeting
• Calculation
• Schedules
• On-site measurement
• Drawings in 2D & 3D
• FF&E
• Construction documents
• Durability calculations
• Coordination with architect
• Material selection advice


Our own team, including construction managers and hired staff, can provide interior construction such as:

• Construction manager
• Demolition
• Construction
• Concrete work
• Painting work
• Tiling through our sister company Sailor Bath & Tile

Thanks to the close-knit cooperation with subcontractors, our experience is now expanding on:

• Asbestos remediation
• Electrical work
• Ventilation
• Plumbing
• Sprinkler


To ensure delivery security, quality and environmental requirements, Pronova has sister companies in Europe and Asia. We visit the factories daily with our own staff to check and control:

• Material quality
• Moisture in materials
• Product's accuracy compared to drawings
• Detail quality
• Status versus schedule
• Registration of the products in our QR system

Special fittings

Through our own production in Trekanten with high-tech machines and 35 years of experience, we are able to produce the most advanced products. Nothing is impossible.


Pronova retails products from over 150 prestigious brands which are specialists in:

• Lighting
• Outdoor furniture
• Furniture for indoor environment
• Textile
• Leather
• Ceramics


We can easily check the products' journey instantly using our proprietary QR system. To achieve our environmental policy, we only use EU6 approved trucks that can optimize loading and avoid transporting air and empty cargos.


We have highly experienced assembly leaders and personnel who are trained to use our own QR-system. We can follow the entire assembly process in real-time, which ensures high precision delivery.